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You'll need

some magnet wire

a nail

a battery

a compass

some staples, paperclips and other things with iron in them


Do It!

Wrap the magnet wire around the nail, keeping both ends of the wire out of the wrap.

Strip the insulation off of the end of the wire with sandpaper, a knife or a file. Nail polish remover can also work.

Connect the wire to the battery.

Use the compass to see the magnetic field change when you turn it on/off and when you switch the direction of the current.

Pick up some small items with your new magnet.

Add a switch to it so you can turn it on and off.

Install your electromagnet on a crane and pick up some toy cars and other junk.


Document it

Take some pictures of the electromagnet you made.

Write a blog post about what you made

Explain how the circuit works

Explain how the electromagnet works

Print it and hand it in.



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