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Make an assembly of all the parts below:

Save your assembly file as mendoassembly.skp

Delete the person that sketchup adds to your file before you start to design.



9" inches long

3 3/4" wide

3/4" high

3/8 depth of grooves

1/2" width of grooves

2 1/4 distance of groove from end of base

Save as basewithgrooves.skp



3 3/4" square

3/4" inches thick

save as upright.skp



3 3/4" square

1/8" thick

save as mirror.skp



1 1/8" diameter

3/8" hole

1/4" thick

1/16 chamfer on edges

save as magnet.skp


Rotor post

3/8" diameter, 8" long

.03" hole in each end, 3/8" deep


Rotor block

start with a 1" square

3/8" hole in center

5/16" depth of grooves on all 4 corners

1/4" width of grooves on all 4 corners

2" length of extrusion for block

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