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  1. Create a page on your wiki called MendoPresentation
  2. Choose a question like one of the ones below
  3. Answer the question through doing some research


Here are some questions to get you thinking:


  1. How does the mendocino motor work?
  2. How does a magnet work?
  3. how does an electromagnet work?
  4. How do solar cells work?
  5. Who is Larry Spring and what has he done
  6. What did we do to make the mendo?
  7. How did we design the mendo in CAD?
  8. Who is Larry Spring and what has he done?
  9. What are some things that you can make to demonstrate electricity, electromagnetism, solar and magnetism?



You will need to make some device that can show the properties of magnetism, solar, electromagnetism, electricity. It would be good if we could bring some mendo's that work so we can leave them behind.


You will be explaining your device to a group of students.


Here are some links to get you thinking:



Grading areas

Wiki, evidence of research, notes for presentation

Creating an object or device that demonstrates magnetism, solar power, electricity

Sketchup drawings of your device.

Presentation participation and preparedness

Ideal presentation process:

  1. We will leave the high school on either Monday 12-18 Third block or Tuesday 12-19 last block
  2. 6 HS student groups will set up in different parts of the room
  3. One or two video cameras will document the presentations.
  4. Ideally, the video will include two presentations by each group
  5. Third graders will come in to the room and will be in groups of 5 or so
  6. HS students will present their project and ideas in a 5 minute segment
  7. Third graders will move to a different group, all shifting clockwise or counter clockwise
  8. This present and shift process will continue six times until the third graders have seen all the presentations

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