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This course introduces students to a variety of tools and processes in technology and Engineering. We are beginning the semester gaining skills to design in CAD. They will next draw the Mendocino Motor in CAD before fabricating it in wood and wiring it for use.


Students will create and maintain online documentation in the form of a Student Course Wiki

We will also be exploring Computer Aided Design. Initially, we will use Google SketchUp, we may also use Pro Desktop. First we will learn how to work with the software, then we will make the drawings for building the Mendocino Motor.


The Mendocino Motor is a magnetically levitating solar powered motor. Students make the entire motor from raw materials, wood, wire, solar cells magnets and a mirror. At the end of this project, they will have been exposed to working with wood and electricity, and they will have a nifty little motor.


In the second part of term two, we will have time to do another project. In the past, this has been either a robotics, electronics or communication project. Choice of this project will depend on the capabilities and interest of the class members.

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