Sending a File

If you have been working on a project for a while you should definitely make sure that it is not on only one computer. Emailing a copy of the file is often an excellent way to back up the file and move it to another computer. The computers that are connected to tools will need to have the file so that you can cut your part.


Here's how:

Do the work on your file.

Get it so that it is ready to cut.


Make a zip file

Put the files you need in a new folder or directory with the project name.

Right click on the folder

Choose send to compressed(zipped) folder

Your zip file should show up in the same directory as the folder


Send the zip file

Open your email

Create a new message

Attach the zip file to your message

Address the email to yourself

Send the email.


Get the file

Go to the computer that you want the file on

Open up your email account

Check your email.

download the file to the computer

Open the file