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  • Mendocino Motor
  1. overview of the motor
  2. end of term
  3. completed motor process
  4. measuring
  5. cutting with a hand saw


  • sketchup documentation
  1. text and photos
  2. show what you have done
  3. show that you have created something unique



  • WeeklyUpdate
  1. Due at the start of class today


  1. Export screen shots of the things you have made
  2. Put them on your wiki
  3. Upload the file to your wiki
  4. add some text explaining what you were trying to do with your design


  • Mendo Parts
  1. Get them done,
  2. hand them in
  3. Make sure your drawings have your name, name of the part and date.
  4. print the drawings so they fit the page well and clearly.


  • Building the Motor


  • Weekly update
  1. due this week.
  2. Due at the start of the last class of the week.


  • Mendo parts
  1. Print each part with measurements
  2. Show the part as an isometric in the print
  3. Make the part fit the page as well as possible
  4. Print the rotor assembly without measurements
  5. Print the whole assembly without measurements
  6. include your name, the name of the part, the date


  • Building the motor
  1. When we have enough people done with the motor drawings, we will shift to building.
  2. First we will spend some time with tool and process introductions
  3. The first processes we will work with involve woodworking
  4. We will practice measuring and cutting with a hand saw, and with the power miter saw.
  5. After we build the base, we will polyurethane it.



Mr. Connors has no voice.

  • Design mendo parts.
  1. Check out MendoMeasurements page
  2. Design each part as a separate file.
  3. Add measurements to the parts
  4. make assembly of the individual parts
  5. The assembly shouldn't have measurements

Print the mendo parts

  1. Print one part at a time
  2. Check with Mr. Connors to see if the process needs changing
  • Individual projects
  1. We need some way of demonstrating what you have done in SketchUp
  2. Export some screen shots of features and overall views of your work
  3. Add some text to explain some of what you were working on
  4. Compile the text and photos on your wiki to make one long page with photos text and links to show your work.
  5. This should be done by Wednesday of next week.
  • If you did not hand in a WeeklyUpdate last week, you need one this week.
  1. With the four day weeks, it makes some sense to relax the rule a little.
  2. After this week, they will be due weekly.



  • Design Mendo Parts
  • Check out MendoMeasurements page
  • Add measurements to individual Mendo Parts
  • Make assembly of mendo
  • We need to make a process to print the parts
  1. include your name
  2. include the measurements
  3. include the date
  4. display the part either as an isometric view or a three part orthographic view


  • Review of SketchUp due at start of class
  • What can you do with Sketch up?
  • How can we design the mendo motor in sketchup?
  • Start to design motor in sketchup
  • Check out MendoMeasurements page


  • Weekly Update due at start of class today.
  • Review due at start of class Tuesday. See below
  • Continue with current projects.


Write a review of Sketchup Due at the start of class on Tuesday 10-10-06

  • Name the page SketchUpReview
  • Use some pictures to illustrate your points.
  • Add some photos to your wiki using this code: <img src="(address of photo)" height=100>

Here are some Questions to get started with:

  1. What do you like about Sketchup?
  2. What can it do?
  3. What is hard in Sketchup?
  4. How could other classes use Sketch Up?
  5. What have you done with Sketch Up?


  • Add some photos to your wiki using this code:

<img src="(address of photo)" height=100>

  • Hand back Weekly Update assignment and CAD Documentation
  • In your Documentation, show all that you have done
  • By the end of next week, everybody should be working on or finished with the Mendocino Motor drawings in CAD.


  • Weekly Update due today
  • Continue to work on your previous projects.
  • Add to your Sketchup documentation
  • Print a copy of your Sketchup Documentation 4 pages to a sheet



  • Continue with either tutorials from http://www.suwiki.org/suwiki/index.php?title=Tutorials or go towards one of the weekly challenges.
  • Export images of your work and add it to your SketchUp documentation page.
  • Add text to your Sketchup documentation page explaining each of the things you have worked on.
  • Print your Sketchup documentation page.
  • We will be designing the Mendocino Motor in Sketchup, so build in accuracy to your designs.




  • Check out Sketch Up Wiki tutorials section - http://www.suwiki.org/suwiki/index.php?title=Tutorials
  • Look at the entries for the SketchUp Weekly Challenge
  • Create something for the Challenge, either a past one or a current one.
  • Make a link on your wiki to the entry in Sketchup Warehouse
  • Send an email with the link to Duxtech at gmail dot com
  • You will be handing a WeeklyUpdate starting this week (Due at the start of class on the last day of class for the week, this week it is Friday)

Sketchup Intro

Sketchup is a Computer Aided Design software package from Google. The basic version is a free download. There is a student and professional version. The pro version has no expiration date, but the student version expires after a year from purchase.


The software is pretty full featured and easy to learn.


Initially, we will explore the software using the tutorials and other instructional materials. When we get a sufficient level of mastery, we will design personal projects, one of which will be the MendocinoMotor. We will use the drawings of the Mendo to make the motor out of wood and other materials.


Here are some links


Make Magazine Bench Project - http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/07/make_podcast_weekend_projects.html

Video Tutorials http://sketchup.google.com/tutorials.html

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