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On this project, you will demonstrate the Cigar Box Speaker system that you made.

Your audience is viewers of the duxtech ning site. The viewers of the site can be current students, future students and people who are interested in the work that we do in class. People can view the site worldwide, and the work will be visible indefinitely.


What to show:

You will want to show off the speaker box that you created. Look at it carefully, and recall what you have done to make it what it is. Pretty much every surface or system on the entire project is the way it is because of decisions that you made. Explain what you did and why you did it that way.

Include in your writeup:



Written work/blog entries should explain the features that you added to the box. They should tell why you did the project the way you did. They should include photos of the box and links to the images that you created in making the box.

Make several entries to tell how you made that box and its' parts, keeping a theme for each entry.

  1. The box itself
  2. Making the stickers
  3. The amplifier circuit
  4. Extra features



Make a video of the box being used where you demonstrate the function and features of the project. The video should be between 1 and 2 minutes.



Written documentation explains the speaker box and how/why you made it.

At least 4 blog entries  on the topics listed above.

Photos showing the details of the box

A video showing your speaker box in action where you show the box and the features you designed into it.

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