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In wrapping the rotor, you will need:

Two 50 foot lengths of wire

A rotor block

a 3/8" dowel 8" long

a pencil

a scrap of paper



The two lengths of wire will be wrapped in two coils on the rotor. You will need to solder to the ends of these wires after it is wrapped.


Assemble your supplies

Insert the dowel into the block so it is about halfway.

If the dowel slips around too much, you can put a bit of tape on the dowel at the location where the block will be. This will make the block fit more snugly.

Take your paddle of wire and loosen the end of one of the wires. Make sure the other wire is secured, cover the end with tape if needed.

Wind about three or four inches of wire on one end of the dowel. Tape the wire into place and tag this 1 S (first wire start)

Drop the paddle on the floor so that it can unwind.

Hold the dowel block in one hand, upright.

With one hand, guide the wire around the block in the groove.

Make sure that the wire goes into the groove all the way around.

Wrap 10 times on the left side of the dowel.

Write the number 10 on your scrap of paper.

Switch hands, being careful not to rotate the dowel.

Wrap 10 times on the right side of the dowel.

Write the number 20 on the scrap of paper

Switch hands, being careful not to rotate the dowel.

Repeat this process until you reach 100 turns around the block, which should be just about the end of the wire.

Wrap the excess wire around the other end of the dowel, tape it off and label it.


For the second wire, you will repeat this process, using the second pair of grooves.

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